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what is the diffrance between wireless N & G usb network adapter?

Network Adapters Wireless N format support wireless N network, which has theoretical maximum data stream up to 150 Mbps (with 4 independent streams) and also support MIMO.

N wireless adapters work in environments Wireless N and Wireless-G

Wireles G adapters are just your bog standard 2.4 ghz B / G adapter supports formats B and G network. They can connect to wireless N networks, but they can not transmit and receive at their normal speed 54mbps, and thereby also limit the speed WLAN Router 54mbps across the board.

What does a Wireless N USB Adapter do?

So if i was to attach one to my PC, i wouldn't have to use a wired connection from my router to my PC? PLEASE help me!!!

N is a new class of wireless technology that is based on the 802.11 protocol... you would not need to have a wired connection because the wireless connection to your router from your PC would be all you need! wireless N is alot more faster than wired connection.. (wired = 100MBPS, and Wireless N=300MBPS depending on how degraded the signal is because of obstructions) You want to know what a Wireless N class adapter does? ok, a router is an electronic equipped with DHCP (DHCP is a protocol that allows you to connect to computer networks by assigning an identity which is numeral to each computer connected to the network, the internet is a very big network full of these routers) when you request information on a network ( could be your lan, or the internet) it is usually the router that retrieves the information either from a DNS server or HTTP server ( which are both almost the same but different, DNS is the server that converts the numbers of the address of a website or host on the internet into words) now a routers job is to route packets to each computer on the network sort of like a dispatch operator for freight trucks telling where the information is supposed to go and to who..now the Wireless N USB adapter sends information to the router in the form of packets that are usually split into many to get to their destination... then the router receives the packets that contain all the information the user to the networked computer is requesting, transmits the packets to their destination and then receives packets again from the place that the router sent the packets then the router sends the packets back to the computer.. and thats what a router does... the wireless N adapter is a adapter that sends and receives packets and allows you to connect to a network... The N adapter uses microwave signals (radio signals) to scan and stay connected with a router or a computer that is being used as a ring network!

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Wireless USB port adapters are some of the hottest accessories that a traveling person could have. A wireless USB adapter will allow you to connect your computer to a Wi-Fi hotspot or anywhere that you get an internet signal. These wireless adapters work fantastic in desktop computers to make them wireless compatible as well.

One of the biggest advantages of a wireless USB port adapter is the portability they offer without major sacrifice of speed. They are able to bring speeds over 300Mbps while in a Wi-Fi hotspot. Another great feature is that they are supported by nearly every version of windows from 2000 to windows 8. They are simple to install with a push of a button and placing the adapter in the USB port, and you’re ready for wireless internet.

This brilliant little wireless USB adapter is capable of 150Mbps at a bargain price. Medialink is a trusted name in wireless products geared toward ease of use for their consumers. This product fits that description as it is plug and play capable with nearly all operating systems and computers. Security is a must when surfing the internet and this Medialink won’t let you down. It uses all of the popular security keys WEP/WPA to encrypt your data and protect your information from outside threats.

High speed 2.0 USB port works with 3.0 ports and is backwards compatible with 1.0 USB ports. It works with 20 and 40 MHZ bandwidth signals. Installation is a breeze with the included CD that auto-detects your operating system instantly. It automatically downloads the appropriate drivers required for each operating system. A 3 foot extension cable for desktop installation and a USB docking station is included.

TP Link is a top budget internet connection component manufacturer in the business. They have been reliable and solid for nearly a decade establishing themselves as one of the best bang for the buck makers. This wireless USB adapter is another example of a high performance product for those on a budget. 150Mbps wireless transmission allows users to easily stream video or browse the web.



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